How to switch from Personal to Professional email

If you have a Personal email and want to upgrade to a  Professional solution, synchronized in real time,  protected from viruses and spam with 1,000 SMTP sendings  per day, you can switch from Personal to Professional by following the instructions below. Without losing any data or already installed filter.
Buy one or more box from the site Amen.

After purchasing, click the email product displayed in the right column of the Control Panel, under YOUR PRODUCTS – TO BE ACTIVATED

Choose the domain you want to associate the Professional email and click ASSOCIATE

In Email Management  page will be displayed the email Professional ready to be created or upgraded to an existing email.

In this page, click on the “pencil” icon associated with the email you want to upgrade to the new Professional one.

From the drop down menu, choose the corresponding to email Professional order purchased and click PROCEED to associate it to the email you want to upgrade.

The page is reloaded immediately and the email will be switched to Professional, as evidenced by the label displayed