Professional Email Configuration for Android

Go to Settings and select  Add Account.

Select  Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Enter the data of Professional Email
Enter the ‘e-mail address, for example.
The password you choose
Tap Config. Manual

In E-mail address enter your address, for example.
In the Domain \ user name enter your address, for example.
In case Domain and user name are two separate fields, enter your address, for example. in user name and leave the Domain field blank
In Password and enter the password you chose
In Exchange Server enter:

Select Use secure connection (SSL)
tap Next

In the screen dedicated to the processing of data tap OK

Choose Sync Period email, We suggest to choose ALL and tap Next

Choose the items you want to sync (We suggest to choose ALL) and tap Next

In Account Name (Optional) insert the name that you give in to your Professional email, for example. and tap Done