Sharing Contacts, Calendars, Tasks with Email Professional

Email Professional allows you to share  folders of contacts, calendars and tasks.

From Contacts, click New Public Folder, then choose name the folder and click Add


From Calendar click New public calendar then choose a name and click Add

From Activities
click New Public Folder, choose name the activity and click Add

Share Folders, Calendar, or Tasks
To share folders with other users, you must be “owner” or “admin” of the folder.
Note: You can’t share personal Inbox.

Remember: It’s possible to share entire folders but not not individual elements contained within.

It’s possible:
– Assign permissions on a folder
– Change the permissions on a folder
– Give permission applying a profile
– Remove the permissions on a folder

How to share a folder

Create a public folder by clicking New Public Folder in the left column.
Select the folder
Click Actions icon  to the right of the folder name

Click File Permissions

Type the name of the user you want to share the folder to (using the search box at the bottom left).

Click the user’s icon to select it.
Note: if you wite All users can share with all users in the domain

Once you have selected the user, or group with whom to share the folder, its name appears in the Permission Management screen.

By clicking on object you can define different permission levels to the user with which you have shared a folder.
Click Save.

To remove a user (or group) from sharing , just Click on the trash can icon to the right of the user you want to delete.

Predefined profiles sharing

Have administrative permissions, can grant permission to other users, can create objects (contacts, tasks, calendar appointments) and sub-folders, read, modify, and delete all objects.

It has all the permits. You can create, read, modify, and delete objects and subfolders.


You can create, read, modify, and delete objects and subfolders.


A visitor can read existing objects, but not modify or delete them.

Profiles, customizable sharing

Folder permissions

Permission for the objects, reading

Permission for the objects, writing

Permission for the objects, deleting

administrative permits