Guide for automatic configuration of an FTP account on FileZilla

In addition to the configuration of a FileZilla FTP client there is also the option to automatically configure a FTP user: in this case simply follow the procedure below.

After logging on to your Dashboard of, click on the domain to which an FTP user is to be added, and select “Web Space”. The link “FTP User management” enables access to this page

Click on the “Download” button indicated by the arrow for access to the following window:

Click on “Save File” to download a configuration file that can be imported into FileZilla using the command “Import…”:

Select the downloaded file in the dialogue window:


After confirming import of the file, you can open the Site Manager (File > Site Manager) for access to the following window:



We recommend changing the type of Logon (Logon Type) from “ask for password” to “Normal” and to write the password so that it does not need to be entered every time. This will simplify the configuration procedure.

After entering the password, click on “Connect” to manage the folders on the server.



At this point the automatic FTP account configuration procedure is complete.