Initial Server configuration

Select “Add Server” and enter a Server Name (this is used to identify the configured server, but is not linked in any way to the server that will be linked to the service) and the Host Name /IP that will contain the IP address of the server where the R1Soft agent is to be installed.


Once the server is added, the relative agent is configured. The latter will be configured directly from the R1Soft interface after the server has been added. Select the icon and enter the credentials (administrator) of the server to enable installation of the agent.

It is very important to check the agent requirements and compatibility with your OS and configuration server.

It is also important that between your server and backup server there is no firewall.

On your server you’ll have to open port 22 and 1167 (TCP).

On Windows operating systems, the system then needs to be rebooted by clicking directly on “Reboot Windows servers after deployment”.




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